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Unlock Data Excellence: Empowering your organization's journey towards Data Governance and strategic implementation.

Our Data Excellence Bootcamp provides tailored guidance for organizations navigating the complexities of data governance. Through comprehensive workshops and strategic roadmaps, we empower clients to map their data maturity, prioritize objectives, and kickstart implementation effectively. Designed for those grappling with the initial steps of data governance, our program offers actionable insights, concrete training, and ongoing support, ensuring clarity and confidence in their data governance journey.

Guiding Principles for Our Bootcamp

1. Business Value: Prioritize critical data to drive tangible business outcomes.


2. Accountability: Ensure active senior management involvement for effective governance.


3. Lifestyle, Not Diet: Embed data concerns into daily activities, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and empowering business units with data-focused responsibilities.


4. Breakdown Silos: Foster co-creation among diverse business lines and support functions, promoting collaboration and holistic data governance.

Recommended Attendees

- Chief Data Officer (CDO)

- Data Governance Lead

- Business Managers (Various departments)

- Support Functions Managers (Operations, Risk, Finance, HR, etc.)

- IT Architecture personnel

- Data Protection Officer (DPO)

- Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Data excellence pyramid picture.jpg


- Concrete Training based on organizational experience

- Mapping organization into the Maturity Model

- Positioning and valuing Objectives and Priorities

- Defining the first layer of the strategy and action plan

- Preparing the ground for Data Excellence implementation


- Workshop materials

- Consolidated opportunities for improvement

- Description of identified initiatives

- High-level data excellence roadmap

- Proposed planning for the next three months


Preparation Phase (Online, 2 weeks)

1. Stakeholder Interviews (5-10): Ensure you cover a diverse range of roles to gather comprehensive insights.

2. Compiling Findings: Organize and analyze the information gathered from interviews to identify common themes and areas of improvement.

3. Pre-Workshop Briefing: Provide participants with necessary background information, objectives, and expectations for the bootcamp to maximize engagement and readiness.

Bootcamp (1 full day, On-site)

1. Introduction of Business Cases: Present real-world examples to illustrate the importance and impact of data governance.

2. Concepts and Methodology: Provide an overview of data governance principles, frameworks, and best practices.

3. Maturity Assessment and Strategy Map: Conduct an assessment of the current data governance maturity level and visualize it through a strategy map.

4. Position Objectives: Establish target maturity levels, prioritize data initiatives, and identify opportunities for improvement aligned with organizational objectives.

5. Qualify Initiatives: Evaluate and prioritize initiatives based on feasibility, impact, and alignment with organizational goals.

6. Draft Roadmap: Develop a high-level roadmap outlining key milestones and activities for the next three months

Sign up for our Data Excellence Bootcamp by contacting us via email at or through the  portal below!

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