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Automating business processes is critical for creating and maintaining strategic data assets within your ERP. The right automation software with seamless SAP integration is essential and empowers you to uphold stewardship and compliance while enabling end users to input data accurately through various front ends.

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Challenges arising from lack of Business Process Automation 

  • Data Inaccuracies in SAP: Ensuring data accuracy in SAP systems is critical, as errors can propagate across processes and lead to operational disruptions and financial losses.  

  • Inefficient SAP Processes: Manual data entry and processing in SAP are time-consuming, hampering operational efficiency and responsiveness to business needs.  

  • Complex SAP Data Integration: Integrating data across different SAP modules and involving multiple teams can lead to data discrepancies and communication gaps.  

  • High Volume SAP Transactions: Handling a substantial number of SAP transactions manually can overwhelm resources, resulting in delayed processing and reduced productivity.  

  • Customized SAP Implementations: Variations in SAP configurations across business units and geographies create challenges in maintaining consistency and standardization.  

  • Adapting to SAP Changes: Frequent updates to SAP configurations, processes, and regulations necessitate agile and accurate updates to avoid disruptions.  

  • SAP Regulatory Compliance: SAP data, processes, and configurations must adhere to evolving regulatory requirements, requiring consistent monitoring and adjustments.  

The Product - Automate Evolve

Precisely Automate Evolve is the only automation platform specifically designed to digitize strategic SAP data processes like product launches, customer and vendor onboarding, GL account setup, plant maintenance, and more. Automate Evolve brings together enterprise-grade automation, robust data stewardship, and deep SAP integration capabilities, with a no-code, low-code approach to solution design. This unique combination enables your organization to digitize strategic data processes faster and at scale—directly supporting your critical digital transformation initiatives.  

Key Automate Evolve Benefits

  • Enterprise-grade automation: Build flexible workflows that can handle complexity and keep pace with a dynamic business landscape.  

  • Robust data stewardship: Get data right the first time and keep it right with an extensive range of data stewardship capabilities.  

  • Deep SAP integration: Get to value fast with rich out-of-the-box SAP capabilities that go beyond simple data connectivity.  

  • No-code, low-code software: Make an impact at scale and be more agile with software designed for business teams.  

Let's get into more detail about Automate Evolve. Contact us through the portal below!

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