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In a competitive business landscape, where agility and responsiveness are key, ITSM in SAP is critical for optimizing IT operations, reducing downtime, and ensuring a seamless IT experience for all stakeholders

Adsotech provides ITSM servicenow integration software
ITSM connector for SAP by STA technologies
Adsotech does ITSM

Challenges associated with ITSM

ITSM connector for SAP addresses cumbersome ticket creation that in legacy systems

Cumbersome Tickets

Reporting an SAP error via email, phone or a service portal takes a long time and is prone to human errors. 

Poor quality ticket are a common problem that ITSM connector for SAP helps fix

Poor quality Tickets

SAP users often submit incomplete or incorrect error reports, leading to a lot of manual sifting and filtering.

ITSM systems have bad routing & categorization, ITSM connector for SAP does this automatically

Categorization & Routing

Service desk teams often have to manually set fields and assign incidents to relevant support groups.

ITSM Conncector for SAP gets rid of duplicated tickets

Duplicate Incidents

Some errors may affect hundreds' of SAP users, even some within the same company or business unit.

Address false incident reports with ITSM connector for SAP

False incidents

Novice SAP users often submit tickets that are user mistakes and not program errors.   

The product - ITSM Connector for SAP

ITSM connector for SAP is the certified add-on for SAP systems which is implemented within backend systems, facilitating the automatic creation of tickets by SAP end users using various interfaces such as Fiori and SAP GUI. This seamless process is triggered in response to alerts being raised, ensuring efficient issue resolution. Moreover, the add-on offers a certified ServiceNow application that introduces supplementary features alongside Performance Analytics, further enhancing its capabilities.

Key ITSM Connector for SAP  features

Easy ticket creation ITSM software with ITSM connector for SAP

Simple ticket creation

The add-on allows users to create tickets from SAP GUI, Fiori, CRM WebUI, Business Client and Enterprise Portal.

Effective duplicate management with ITSM connector for SAP

 Duplicate Management

The program notifies the SAP user about similar recently submitted tickets.

ITSM connector for SAP categorizes tickets automatically

Automatic categorization

All ticket fields can be populated automatically and routed directly to the relevant support group.

ITSM connector for sap attaches SAP details to each incident

Data Collection

Relevant SAP details are attached to every incident with screenshots, authorization reports, job logs etc.

iDoc error automation with focused run alerts

Background Automation

Automated incident creation for iDoc errors and and focused run alerts.

Let's get into more detail about ITSM Connector for SAP. Contact us through the portal below!

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