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ERP Metadata Discovery is a crucial process in modern business management. It unlocks hidden data relationships within Enterprise Resource Planning systems, enabling informed decision-making, streamlined processes and ensuring compliance with regulators.

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Challenges associated with ITSM

  • Cumbersome ticket creation: Reporting an SAP error via email, phone or a service portal takes a long time.   

  • Poor quality of tickets: SAP users often submit incomplete or incorrect error reports.   

  • Manual categorization and routing: Service desk teams have to manually set all incident fields and assign the incident to the relevant support group.   

  • Many duplicate incidents: Some errors may affect hundreds of SAP users.  

  • Many false incidents: Novice SAP users often submit tickets that are user mistakes and not program errors.   

The Product - ITSM Connector for SAP

ITSM connector for SAP is the certified add-on for SAP systems which is implemented within backend systems, facilitating the automatic creation of tickets by SAP end users using various interfaces such as Fiori and SAP GUI. This seamless process is triggered in response to alerts being raised, ensuring efficient issue resolution. Moreover, the add-on offers a certified ServiceNow application that introduces supplementary features alongside Performance Analytics, further enhancing its capabilities.

Key ITSM Connector for SAP Benefits

  • Faster ticket resolution time: A complete information package is added to every ticket so the service desk teams can immediately start working on a solution.  

  • Quick and simple ticket creation: The add-on allows users to create tickets from SAP UI (including classic SAP GUI, Fiori, CRM WebUI, WebGUI, Business Client and Enterprise Portal)  

  • Effective duplicate management: The program notifies the SAP user about similar recently submitted tickets.  

  • Less incidents sent to the service desk: SAP end users can resolve their problems on their own if they find relevant Knowledge Base articles.  

  • Automatic data collection: All relevant SAP details are attached to every incident along with screenshots, authorization reports, job logs etc

Let's get into more detail about ITSM Connector for SAP. Contact us through the portal below!

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