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ERP Metadata Discovery is a crucial process in modern business management. It unlocks hidden data relationships within Enterprise Resource Planning systems, enabling informed decision-making, streamlined processes and ensuring compliance with regulations.

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Challenges associated with ERP Metadata

  • Finding and Accessing Metadata: the 'business-friendly' metadata from systems is not available in their standard relational database system catalogs. The metadata is stored within a series of data dictionary tables or concealed behind an API, making retrieval a complex endeavor.  

  • Curating Metadata: systems have extensive and intricate data models, causing navigation to be problematic.  

  • Utilizing Metadata with Other Products and Technologies: metadata required for the projects is difficult to utilize.  

The Product - Safyr

Safyr, developed by Silwood Technology, is specifically designed to help organizations extract, understand, and work with metadata from complex enterprise applications such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, and other large-scale databases.  Safyr's primary focus is on metadata discovery and analysis for these types of systems, which often have vast and intricate data structures.  

Key Safyr Benefits

  • Accelerates Project Start: Safyr swiftly uncovers insights from complex data, helping teams grasp the data landscape. These speeds up project planning and execution by eliminating manual data discovery delays.  

  • Reduced Cost of Source Data Discovery: Safyr automates metadata extraction from systems like ERP and CRM, reducing the need for manual cataloging. This saves costs by freeing resources for essential project tasks.  

  • Ensures Accurate Data: Safyr's precise metadata extraction ensures reliable data for analysis and integration, minimizing the risks of errors and outdated information. This enhances project quality and informed decision-making.  

  •  Enhanced Data Compliance: Safyr enables robust data compliance by offering metadata visibility, aiding compliance efforts with accurate data dictionaries and lineage tracking.  

  • Streamlined Impact Analysis: Safyr's impact analysis helps teams understand data dependencies, reducing disruptions from changes and improving operational resilience.

Let's get into more detail about Safyr. Contact us through the portal below!

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