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Do you know where your ERP and CRM systems are storing Personal data for data compliance projects?

Things have changed. Today’s fast paced business landscape demands that data must be more effectively managed and deployed as an asset to increase competitiveness, improve profitability and meet compliance regulations.

Silwood Technology is unique in having recognised, and acted on, the need for a better understanding of enterprise applications, notably the dominant ERP and CRM solutions provided by SAP and Oracle.

Silwood Technology’s goal is to accelerate delivery of the source data discovery and analysis tasks needed for enterprise data and information management projects. These projects often involve complex ERP and CRM packages, which traditional methods for achieving this simply do not fit in a new data centric world.

Having this depth of understanding is critical for many enterprise projects, ranging from business intelligence to data governance, from data integration to master data management, and from data migration to application development.

Silwood Technology Limited are the developers of Safyr, a privately-owned, UK based specialist software company established in 1992 and with hundreds of Fortune 1000 customers in a wide range of geographic areas and industries.

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