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The Evolve Archive Viewer solution for Precisely' s Automate Evolve provides authorized business users access to archived workflow data and images from Evolve and Foundation workflow processes.
It offers granular access control, and ensures unified accessibility to historical data and improves performance of the workflow solutions by minimizing the data in on-line the production system

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Challenges solved by the Evolve Archive Viewer Solution


Limited Access to Archived Data

The solution addresses the challenge of restricted access to archived data faced by Precisely' s Automate Evolve users. Previously, only administrators had access to this data, hindering broader utilization and analysis. Now authorized business users  and auditors have access to the archived data.


Maintaining Historical Archives

Before the Evolve Archive Viewer, users were forced to keep Foundation available solely for potential access of historical data.

By implementing the Archive Viewer, the old Foundation archive data is available in the Evolve Archive Viewer solution and eliminates the need for keeping an old Foundation environment available.


Migration Complexity

Migrating archived data from Foundation to Evolve can be a complex task requiring professional services. The Archive Viewer and Adsotech’ s professionals services simplifies this process by providing  the migration service and a platform to access both Evolve and Foundation archives seamlessly.


Limited Visibility of Archived Forms

Without a dedicated solution like the Archive Viewer, users may face challenges in visualizing archived forms and data. This solution provides a user-friendly interface for accessing and viewing archived form images and data as they looked in the workflow process.


Granular Access Control

Managing access control for archived process types and individual process requests can be challenging. The Archive Viewer offers granular access and control features, allowing administrators to define access permissions based on user roles and specific criteria.

Let's get into more detail about the Evolve Archive Viewer. Contact us through the portal below!

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