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Master Data Management is instrumental for companies in ensuring that their data is correct, useful and standardized. Enforcing standards in data entry is the key to stopping bad data from entering and interfering with business processes.

How Winshuttle Studio -based MDM Solutions function

Developing your own processes is typically quite simple. The developer, who could even be a business user, records a transaction dialogue by going through the different SAP screens and fields in use during an MDM process.

The result is a script, used to automate the previous manual  process. The automated script is now capable of handling thousands of changes or new data records using Excel as the data source.

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Winshuttle products are also used to develop workflow -based master data or transactional processes, e.g. new product introductions, vendor and customer on-boarding financial postings and more. Adsotech develops custom MDM and  workflow solutions , that we tailor to your specific needs.


Find out how our customers have used our products to implement Master Data Governance processes from the PDF's below. The solutions are developed with Winshuttle products TRANSACTION and QUERY. The products are available as a package called STUDIO which also includes Winshuttle DIRECT, used for replacing scripts by utilization of BAPIs.

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