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Master Data Management is instrumental for companies in ensuring that their data is correct, useful and standardized. Enforcing standards in data entry is the key to stopping bad data from entering and interfering with business processes.

adsotech provides automated master data management software
Precisely is Adsotech's partner in the Automate Studio master data management category
Adsotech has decades of experience in MDM software

Challenges associated with Master Data Management

With Automate studio organizations can reduce manual inputs by automating data entry

Manual inputs

 Manual data creation and changes take a significant amount of time, especially when dealing with large volumes of data.  

Masterdata is often complex and difficult to maintain but Automate studio master data automation is the solution

Data Complexity

Organizations deal with various types of master data. Managing diverse data and maintaining consistency across different data domains can be difficult.  

Masterdata can often contain many errors that can be detrimental to the overall process

Quality & Accuracy

Maintaining  data accuracy across systems and processes is challenging. Inaccurate or incomplete master data ultimately leads to errors and inefficiencies.   

Data security should always be a concern when looking at MDM software and Automate Studio is a very secure system

Security & Privacy

Master data often contains sensitive information, such as personal details, financial data, and proprietary information.  Information is as  secure as your process is.

Data migrations from legacy systems is difficult, but Automate studio makes it simple

Data Migration

Migrating existing data into the MDM system can be a complex task, especially when dealing with large volumes of data or migrating from legacy systems.

The Product - Automate Studio

Precisely Automate Studio (prev. Winshuttle) is a solution that automates data collection, validation, and movement for use with SAP, saving significant time and money and increasing process efficiency.   

Automate Studio enables business users to interact with SAP from familiar interfaces like Microsoft Excel or web based forms. By automating business processes, Automate Studio allows business users to become more efficient in SAP data management tasks and improve SAP data integrity and accuracy through better master data governance.  

Key Automate Studio Features

Automate studio makes master data management easy by automating data entry

Automated Data Entry

Automate Studio helps automate data entry processes, reducing the need for manual input and the associated risk of errors.

Precisely Automate studio optimizes data transfers between SAP and Excel

Quick Data Transfers

Automate Studio optimizes data transfer between SAP and other systems, allowing users to upload/download SAP Data in record time.

Precisely automate master data management has quick SAP integration capabilities
Tight and swift excel integratin
Swift excel integration in master data management integration
Automate studio uses seamless excel integration in automated master data management

Swift Excel Integration

Automate Studio accelerates SAP - Excel integration, reducing implementation time and enabling efficient leveraging of SAP data in Excel based workflows.

Automate Studio from precisely is business user friendly  and minimizes reliance on IT
Automate studio provides top of the line excel sap integration capabilities
Automate studio offers seamless excel integration

Simple Excel Integration

Automate Studio empowers business users to integrate Excel with SAP without heavy IT involvement, streamlining data access and analysis for non-technical staff.

Automate studio maintains data concistency by using a centralized system

Centralized Management

Automate Studio ensures data consistency by centralizing data management, which makes identifying and correcting errors and inconsistencies in SAP data easy.

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