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ESG Reporting

New regulations require companies to collect and disclose accurate ESG data, demonstrating transparency and commitment to sustainability. Robust systems are essential for meeting these standards.

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Challenges associated with ESG Reporting


Evolving Standardization

ESRS are curently still evolving, which makes it difficult for companies to know what to report and for stakeholders to compare reports across organizations. 


Data Collection

Gathering accurate ESG data can be complex, resource-intensive, and prone to inconsistencies, especially if it the data is manually managed in Excel.



Integrating ESG data into existing reporting systems and business processes is challenging and can require significant changes in data management practices. 


Transparency & Credibility

If a company is not transparent, it risks facing penalties for non-compliance with sustainability disclosure requirements.


Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the varying and evolving regulatory requirements across different regions can be complex and burdensome. 

To address these challenges, organizations need a flexible framework to accurately and consistently identify, understand, and link data to an ESG reporting platform where the data is collected, stored, calculated, and reported. Solutions like Precisely's ESG Data Governance and Pulsora's ESG Platform provide these capabilities. 

Precisely ESG Data Governance Solution 

Precisely ESG Data Governance solution offers a comprehensive documentation system for all ESG data. It ensures that everyone involved in the ESG reporting process has access to the necessary information in the correct format.


Key features: 


  • Integrated data collaboration in your company, allowing for a unified and consistent view of ESG information across departments and functions. 

  • Full documentation about ESG related data and processes 

  • Data Quality Scores and Metrics ensures that the data used for ESG reporting is accurate and reliable. 

  • Knowledge sharing facilitates the dissemination of ESG data and policies throughout the organization, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

Data360 Govern solution sheet

Precisely is Adsotech's partner in the Automate Studio master data management category

Pulsora ESG Data Reporting Platform 

Pulsora complements Precisely's governance framework by automating the ESG data management process including data collection, calculation, storing and reporting. 


Platform features: 

  • Automated Data Collection: Minimizes manual errors and enhances data transparency. 

  • Calculation and Reporting: Streamlines the entire process, enabling quick generation of reports and in-depth analysis. 

  • Compliance and Adaptability: Keeps track of changing regulations and standards, ensuring that organizations stay compliant and ahead of the curve. 






Platform Overview | Pulsora


By integrating Precisely data governance with Pulsora's automated data management platform, organizations can adopt a business-first approach to ESG and gain value from ESG initiatives beyond just compliance.  

Our combined solution features: 


Centralized Documentation

All ESG data, policies, and process documentation are housed in one place, facilitating easy access and management. 


Scalability & Flexibility

The solution has extensive adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape around ESG, helping organizations stay current and compliant. 


Enhanced Reporting

Organizations can generate detailed reports, dive into performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. 



With comprehensive documentation of ESG data collection, calculation, and reporting processes, the entire procedure can be easily audited for compliance.


Efficiency & Accuracy

Automation reduces the time and cost associated with manual reporting processes while ensuring the highest level of data accuracy.


Easy to use

Our solutions feature a web browser based user

interface with integrated search capabilities that

typically require very little end user training.

Transforming ESG Management 

Implementing this integrated ESG management solution transforms how organizations handle their sustainability programs. It simplifies and streamlines the entire ESG process and  allows organizations to focus more on driving sustainable impact rather than managing complex reporting requirements. With robust data governance and automated processes, organizations can trust their ESG metrics, streamline workflows, eliminate redundant operations, and ensure every report reflects the highest standards of accuracy and transparency. 

Learn how Data Integrity helps companies realize the full business potential of ESG through better data and reporting:

Let's get into more detail about ESG Reporting and how you can gain business value beyond CSRD compliance. Contact us through the portal below!

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