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Product Information Management

Managing and transferring product information generates challenges for employees and additional costs in the sales-, marketing- , and inventory backend.

We offer EnterWorks as our strategic PIM solution.

EnterWorks collects and aggregates all product information from a variety of sources into one place, allowing you to enrich consolidated product information and transfer data across different operating divisions and data marts.

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EnterWorks facilitates the management of product information in online stores and integrates information between all systems in use.

For example, when changes in product pricing are made in the ERP system, they will automatically apply wherever they are published.

Yet, the benefits of EnterWorks extend far beyond online webshops.

EnterWorks is an excellent addition to the sales and marketing toolkit. EnterWorks enables automatic printing of catalogs directly from the system and ensures up-to-date product information, both of which are essential in the day-to-day work of sales and marketing.


With EnterWorks, up-to-date product details and specifications are shared seamlessly across all touchpoints. EnterWorks helps maintain “single truth” product information, with the ability to publish product content easily through multiple channels. These include online and print catalogues, eCommerce and SAP ERP. EnterWorks’ versatility makes it the solution your enterprise needs!

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