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Product information data is important to get right, but the challenge lies in getting it right across many platforms and systems. Having a PIM solution in place will help you achieve accuracy both internally and in customer facing operations.

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Challenges associated with Product Infromation Management

  • Complex Content Customization: Creating and adapting product content for various channels is time-consuming and challenging without a centralized solution.  

  • Integration Complexity: Integrating with diverse systems and networks, such as eCommerce and syndication platforms, often leads to difficulties and errors.  

  • Data Relationship Management: Managing complex relationships between products, categories, and hierarchies can become overwhelming and prone to errors.  

  • Role-Based Accessibility: Without role-based views and personalized access, users may struggle with information overload or inadequate data visibility.  

  • Inconsistent Data Sources: Relying on multiple sources for product content can result in inconsistencies and outdated information.  

  • Limited Search Capabilities: Finding relevant product information across various attributes and trends is challenging with conventional systems.  

The product - EnterWorks

Precisely's EnterWorks Product Information Management (PIM) is a comprehensive solution that aggregates and manages product content across all business applications. EnterWorks provides a 360-degree solution for the on-boarding, cleansing, synchronization, and publication of product data.

Key EnterWorks benefits

  • Meets specific business challenges with a business-driven approach and Dynamic Data Model that adapts to your business, not vice versa.  

  • Makes content creation easy by customizing and acclimatizing product content for every channel and previewing it in the context exactly as your customers would see it.  

  • Ensures tight integration with advanced eCommerce systems, back-end systems, GDSN, and other syndication networks, as well as other resource tools your team is already using to ensure a flawless transition from back-end to front-end.  

  • Powers a content repository with unlimited data attributes and the ability to manage complex relationships between products and category/hierarchies.  

  • Offers role-based views tailored by user with security and audit logs for accountability that evolve based on acquisitions, geographic extensions, and organization changes.  

  • Applies specific business rules for consistent, up-to-date sources of product content.  

  • Enhances searchability across attributes, facets, images, and text to keep up with the trends in products, lifecycles, and markets.

Let's get into more detail about EnterWorks. Contact us through the portal below!

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