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Your organization needs accurate data to operate efficiently, but cleansing data is a tenuous and technical task, leading to complexities in the data cleansing process that are hard to follow and often lacking visualization.

Adsotech is precisely's ETL partner
Precisely data360 analyze for extract, transform, load processes
Adsotech helps organizations clean their data with Data360 analyze

Challenges associated with ETL processes

Data360 analyze makes handling data complexities in ETL processes easy

Data Complexity

ETL processes involve various data sources with different formats, structures and schemas that can be complex to transform and harmonize.

Precisely's Data 360 analyze eliminates the need for manual data cleansing

Manual Data Preparation

Manual data preparation during the transformation phase can lead to inefficiencies and errors.

ETL processes face quality issues due to human errors

Quality Issues

ETL processes need to address data quality problems, like missing values, duplicates and inconsistencies to ensure reliable insights.

ETL processes often have inefficient workflows but Data360 analyze can help

Inefficient Workflows

Inefficient ETL workflows often result in slower data processing and analysis during and after the process.

Data360 Analyze gets rid of manual entry and extraction of data

Manual Entry/Extraction

Manual data entry and extraction takes significant amounts of time, especially when dealing with large volumes of data.

Data360 analyze addresses integration challenges other software fails to do

Integration Challenges

Integrating data from disparate sources and systems consistently maintaining data integrity is challenging

The product - Data360 Analyze

Data360 Analyze is a robust and versatile data analysis platform. It's designed to complement data visualization tools by providing efficient data processing and advanced analytics. Unlike traditional methods that involve a lot of coding, Data360 Analyze offers a visual interface that speeds up data integration and analysis. This platform is not only great for combining data quickly but also excels in handling complex business processes through a user-friendly visual setup. 

Key Data360 Analyze features

Data#60 analyze is capable of analyzing and cleansing data from multiple sources at the same time

Multi-source Analysis

Data360 Analyze allows users to do schema free analysis

Schema-free Analysis

ETL software with direct publishing capabilities

Direct Publishing

Acquire and cleanse data from any source or sources essential to the analysis simultaneously.

Discover, add or change data sources needed for your analysis on the fly and without pre-configuration.

Publish directly  to QVX and TDE file formats and visualize quickly with your respective BI tool.

Data360 analyze allows for single interface visual analysis of data

Efficient Transformations

Split, combine and merge data from multiple sources with ease through a single interface.

Data360 analyze has transparent processes

Transparent Processes

Retain visibility over your data and its attributes throughout each and all stages of an ETL process.

Let's get into more detail about Data360 Analyze. Contact us through the portal below!

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