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Ensuring compliance and risk mitigation within your organization should be a priority, but keeping track of things like Risk Quantification, Configuration Change Monitoring and Business Process Control Management is cumbersome without a solution in place.

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The solution - Pathlock's Continuos Controls Monitoring Suite

Pathlock’s Continuous Controls Monitoring Suite is a set of five modules that provide comprehensive oversight and automated monitoring of various internal controls and regulatory requirements. 

  • Risk Quantification (Transaction Monitoring) analyzes transaction data within business applications to quantify the financial exposure of SOD conflicts in the application environment. This quantification identifies the monetary risk and impacts on the organization. It provides a detailed analysis that can be viewed by SOD control conflict, user, or application, with complete transaction details. 

  • Configuration Change Monitoring delivers detailed analysis allowing to track changes to transaction and master data, including the source of change, the user initiating the change, as well as before/after values, including items that have been deleted. 

  • Business Process Control Monitoring Integrates and streamlines control mechanisms from various frameworks into a centralized, automated system. The benefits of automated control consolidation across frameworks in risk identification and assessment include improved efficiency, reduced manual effort, enhanced risk visibility, standardized controls, and compliance with multiple frameworks. It also enables organizations to respond more effectively to evolving risk landscapes and regulatory requirements. 

  • Manual Process Control Monitoring enables organizations to respond more effectively to evolving risk landscapes and regulatory requirements. It is a systematic and continuous oversight of control activities to ensure adherence to policies. 

  • License Management is a solution encompassing strategic and operational practices for procuring, tracking, and ensuring compliance with software licenses. 

Key Continuous Controls Monitoring Suite Benefits

  • Reduction in risks associated with SoD conflicts through automated analysis. 

  • Improved access provisioning with risk scoring and policy-based workflow. 

  • Efficient access recertification processes, eliminating manual efforts. 

  • Enhanced security through streamlined elevated access management. 

  • Continuous monitoring of transaction data and configuration changes. 

  • Streamlined control mechanisms for efficiency and compliance. 

Let's get into more detail about Pathlock's Continuous Controls Monitoring Suite! Contact us through the portal below!

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