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Cybersecurity Application Controls are critical to any cybersecurity strategy by playing a crucial role in ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data and systems.

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The solution - Pathlock's Cybersecurity Application Controls Suite

Pathlock's Cybersecurity Suite for your critical applications is a set of five modules which continuously secure your key SAP systems and prevent costly downtime. 

  • Dynamic Data Masking dynamically masks and anonymizes data at the field level and at the point of access, allowing to easily enforce data governance policies that go beyond simple role-based controls. Even the most complex data access policies can be easily implemented across all business applications from one unified platform. 

  • Vulnerability and Code Scanning automates vulnerability scanning for code and configuration errors across complex sap environments. It combines visibility with context so that those responsible for application security and compliance can quickly act on the risks that have the greatest threat to the business.  

  • Threat Detection solution provides security and application teams with focused visibility into threats facing their critical business systems. It provides the continuous monitoring necessary to identify internal and external threats that could affect core business processes while integrating with incident response applications and programs. 

  • Transport Control enables organizations to continuously monitor, review, and block transport containing suspicious content by extending SAP Transport Management System (TMS) capabilities with preconfigured security controls and additional automation. 

  • Data Loss Prevention and Session Logging protects sensitive information from unauthorized exposure. They use a configurable rules engine to enforce policies that control access to any field, page, or component within ERP systems. They can be combined with dynamic data masking to provide fine-grained control over sensitive data exposure. 

Key Cybersecurity Application Controls Suite Benefits

  • Enhanced data privacy and governance through dynamic data masking. 

  • Mitigation of vulnerabilities and code errors through automated scanning. 

  • Timely detection of threats to critical business systems. 

  • Strengthened transport security and monitoring. 

  • Improved data loss prevention and sensitive data exposure control. 

Let's get into more detail about Pathlock's Cybersecurity Application Controls suite! Contact us through the portal below!

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