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Finnish User Group for Automate Studio - more User Groups to follow

The first Automate Studio User Group of the year will be held on 6th February at the Adsotech office in Espoo, Finland. We have made sure to book a big enough office to accommodate everyone even in these flu filled times.

A lot happened with Precisely/Winshuttle during the last year, so there are a lot of potential topics to cover.

Precisely became the owner of Winshuttle.

The product architecture was adapted to the new model.

New products were announced and contract terms were changed.

GDPR and Schrems II have come to the fore again and may affect your management processes as well.

Many of you have already gone through at least some of these changes, but there are probably still many things you would like to hear, discuss or learn about.

The day will start at 9.00 with a session intended for product owners, those who are technically and administratively responsible for the products, and everyone who uses the products, especially in development tasks and master data management.

In the afternoon, there is a session for those responsible for product management and another series of parallel sessions where we offer training to developers.

The event is free of charge for our Automate Studio customers.


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