Winshuttle is now part of Precisely, the leader in data integrity

 Winshuttle solutions allow you to speed up processing of most SAP transactions and easily update or create master -or transactional data in SAP by loading information from Microsoft Excel, Access or even workflow based web forms and mobile devices – all without any traditional programming.


Winshuttle, headquartered in Bothell, Washington State,  develops software solutions for automation of SAP master data and transactional business processes. The EnterWorks  division provides a Product Information Management (PIM) solution. Adsotech has been a Winshuttle partner since 2006.



Our users have gained large savings with Winshuttle products, through interfacing solutions that simplify the usage of SAP, making interactions with the system faster, easier and stacked with quality data. Complex processes  taking up to 30-40 minutes can be shaved down to just a few. Repetitive tasks performed by a large number of users require less manpower with Winshuttle, thus saving organizations up to hundreds of man days per annum.

Discover why over 150  organizations in Nordic countries and over 2500 across the globe trust Winshuttle’s no-code/low-code software to drive business results at scale, become more agile, and how digital advatantages translate to a competitive edge. 


The main benefit of Winshuttle TRANSACTION is the possibility to simplify and automate complex processes like Material Creation which includes several transactions… Winshuttle TRANSACTION software provided by ADSOTECH has been in a key role in the development of processes for efficient data maintenance with shorter response times.

Matti Häkkinen, CEO @ Definio Oy