WINSHUTTLE products makes it possible to update or create master or transactional data in SAP from Microsoft Excel or Access, extract data from SAP to Excel, Access or SQL databases and to re-engineer long and difficult SAP End-User dialogues and Business Processes – all this without any programming.

Xpandion provides behavior-based analytical tools that optimize SAP®-driven enterprise management systems license and security managemant. Xpandion’s solutions make SAP® thin and controllable by increasing security & control, simplifying resources for and authorisation projects, and optimizing licensing costs.

The Every Angle system is a custom made add-on for SAP ERP that is specifically designed to answer user questions, based on SAP data. It is empowered with all the knowledge of the complex SAP data structure and business processes, based on hundreds of man years of research and development.

Virtual Forge is the first static code analysis tool with data- and control-flow capabilities for ABAP security and compliance testing. CodeProfiler and related products of our ABAP security suite enable companies to develop business applications that meet state of the art security and compliance standards.

Global Software unites the power of ERP data with the usability of Microsoft Excel. Global extracts SAP reports in real-time, so you can understand why so many SAP users have turned to Global Software.

Stonebranch has provided leading job scheduling / workload automation tools that manages workload and transfers files across enterprise platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX z/OS, SAP and Cloud-based applications.

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The level of involvement and commitment by ADSOTECH in creating proof-of-concept flows and demonstrations before we could decide on which software to purchase was absolutely a deciding factor in the final choice... Post-purchase training and support have also been of the highest quality.

Karsten Salin





At Adsotech, we believe being active in our region is important for our community of SAP users. From time to time, we organize various events in order to meet and discuss solutions that make SAP easier to use, as well as provide training for our wide range of solutions.

Productivity Days

Twice a year, we will trek across Scandinavia to various capital cities with one goal in mind: to open the eyes of SAP-users to the most cutting-edge automation tools available in today's world. Attendees will learn how to identify where improvement can be made (i.e. data security, analytics, workflow, etc.) and determine the best possible solution to their needs.

Winshuttle User Groups

The Winshuttle User Group conferences are the best opportunities to network with Winshuttle users, learn from experts, and even exchange scripts. You’ll discover all that’s possible with Winshuttle and will be inspired with new ideas to take home to continuously improve your SAP processes. With all of that, plus Winshuttle training, these are events you won’t want to miss!

Online Webinars

Every Thursday we offer online interactive demos for our most popular SAP solution: Winshuttle Transaction. Attendees will see why thousands of SAP users are using Winshuttle to automate their SAP data management. The webinars have a month long progression, starting with Basic Training in the first week and ending with Advanced Level 3 Training in the last week.

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