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Business Process Automation Services, Extract Transform and Load Automation, Winshuttle Master Data Management, Data 360 Data Governance, Precisely Data Integrity Suite, grc SAP security tools.

We help our customers streamline and secure their IT-processes by providing a full-range of tools and dynamic solutions


Adsotech is the largest Precisely MDM partner in the nordics for enterprise automated master data management software



We create custom solutions based on our product offerings, tailored to your exact needs. All of our products and solutions are 100% industry independent.

Better data governance, ETL & automated MDM with Precisely's data360 govern, data 360 analyze and Automate solutions
Empowering better data management by discovering ERP Metadata using Safyr
SAP data security systems
Adsotech provides fast and reliable support and consulting services for Precisely Automate & data360 products
Vanguard is a leader in state of the art mainframe security solutions


The products and solutions from our 5 strategic partners help users improve master data management, increase end-user productivity, re-engineer business and IT-processes, increase security and automate IT-operations, all of which contribute to increased profitability of your organization.



Vattenfal is an adsotech customer using automate studio
Equinor is a long-time customer of Adsotech's and uses Precisely masterdata automation software Automate Studio
Vestas is a customer of adsotech's using Precisely master data management software Automate studio
Orion uses Precisely's masterdata automation software and Adsotech's consulting services
Hydro from Norway uses Adsotech's soutions for automated master data management
Fiskars uses Automate Studio to automate their masterdata management processes
Polar is a customer of Adsotech using Automate Studio (winshuttle)
kone is a master data (Automate Studio) customer of Adsotech's
ABB is a masterdata management customer of adsotech
Stora enso is a masterdata automation customer of adsotech
Fazer is a Automate Studio customer of adsotech



We provide a full range of services for our customers including first line technical support in addition with training and development services. Our services are available in English, Finnish and Swedish. 

Support ticket

Have a specific problem or request? Feel free to send us a support ticket!

Adsotech is a provider of Precisely's data360 analyze and DATA 360 data governance software

 Support Team

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