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Adsotech Advanced Software Technology

Our mission is to provide tools and solutions to the Nordic and Baltic enterprises to help them work more efficiently, increase security in IT-operations and to reduce IT and end-user costs.

Improve Productivity

Our products will improve productivity of IT professionals and end-users. Real productivity improvement has been over 90 % in many cases.

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Increase Security

The net effect of using our products products is reduce costs in implementing, maintaining and using SAP.

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Reduce Costs

The net effect of using our products products is reduce costs in implementing, maintaining and using SAP.

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Our Suppliers


ADSOTECH partners with 10 global software suppliers. The products and solutions from our partners help users improve Master Data Management, increase end-user productivity, re-engineer business and IT-processes, increase security, automate IT-operations and reduce cost and to contribute to increased profitability of the organisation.

To read more about our vendors, click one of the tabs below to choose the category of products you are most interested in.


Our Services

We provide a full range services  to our customers including first line technical support, consultation in product usage, training and development services. Our services are available in English, Finnish and Swedish. To find out more about the services, click on the pictures or links below.

Our Customers


Over 100 customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries have expressed their confidence in ADSOTECH by choosing us as a supplier. The customers represent different industries as well as different services within the public sector. The common denominator is a desire to make their work efficiently and reduce the costs.

The level of involvement and commitment by ADSOTECH in creating proof-of-concept flows and demonstrations before we could decide on which software to purchase was absolutely a deciding factor in the final choice… Post-purchase training and support have also been of the highest quality.

Karsten Salin

Karsten Salin


Our Solutions

Based on your needs, we and you can create solutions from our product offerings. As examples, you can create data cleansing solutions, automated master data management solutions, workflow applications for various business processes. Most of our products can also be used ‘as is’ which means that they are ready to use products to  take care of your business challenges. To  read about our solutions, visit the Solution section of this website.

Upcoming Events

Productivity Days

Several times per year, we will trek across Scandinavia to various capital cities with one goal in mind: to open the eyes of SAP-users to the most cutting-edge automation tools available in today’s world. Attendees will learn how to identify where improvement can be made (i.e. MDM, data security, analytics, workflow, etc.) and determine the best possible solution to their needs. The events are typically one day events, free of charge, lunch and refreshments included.

Sign up for Seminars

To sign up for a Seminar click here.

Winshuttle User Groups

The Winshuttle User Group conferences are the best opportunities to network with Winshuttle users, learn from experts, and even exchange scripts. You’ll discover all that’s possible with Winshuttle and will be inspired with new ideas to take home to continuously improve your SAP processes. The Nordic and Finnish User Groups were held in spring 2017. Next meetings are scheduled for April 2018.

With all of that, plus Winshuttle training, these are events you won’t want to miss!

Online Webinars

Online Webinars

We and our supplier offer online interactive demos for our most popular SAP solution: Winshuttle. Attendees will see why thousands of SAP users are using Winshuttle to automate their SAP data management.

Participate also at SAP Security related webinars arranged by Virtual Forge.


Sign up for Webinar

Sign up for a Winshuttle Webinar here

Sign up for a Virtual Forge Webinar here

Upcoming Events

The SAP Finug event is on October 24 in Helsinki and ADSOTECH will be present there. On October 31st, we will run and Application Data Management / Master Data Management Seminar in Stockholm.

Do you want to attend any of these events? You may sign up to one of our events with the links below and to industry events through respective arranging organisation sites. Don’t forget to check out Adsotech’s past events page for info about our previous events!



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