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A Customer Case Study of Implementing an ITSM Connector for SAP

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

In our customer case study, we will highlight how Celsa Group, Europe’s leading producer of circular and low-emission steel, partnered with Adsotech and STA Consulting to enhance support operations by implementing STA ITSM connector into their SAP environment. Through this collaboration, they successfully streamlined ticket creation processes and improved average ticket resolution times by 10 - 45% (Depending on load and holiday season).

People in office happy for excellent service

“The service from ADSOTECH and STA consulting has been excellent and the quality of the product is outstanding. We have improved the resolution time and the volume of the incidents we can manage because all the information is already included in the incident. In addition, the users don’t receive calls asking for more info and the resolution arrives in less time than before”.

The Celsa Group has been using SAP ERP to manage the main business processes since 1997. Currently, the group is using SAP ECC 6 and migrating to S/4HANA. There are 2200+ end-users in 120 work centers around the world using SAP.

Celsa Group end-users faced a challenge to gather all necessary information for the IT ServiceDesk and this resulted in poor incident reports, delays in the resolution process, and a subsequent negative impact on the business. It was challenging to track and prioritize requests effectively.

Recognizing the need for an integrated ticketing system within the SAP environment, Celsa Group explored ways to enhance the SAP application ticketing process and ultimately chose the STA ITSM Connector. This comprehensive support solution is a certified SAP add-on designed for integration with ITSM Platforms.

The product allows SAP end-users to create incidents directly from SAP GUI (including Fiori Apps) with a few clicks. All relevant information from SAP is attached to the tickets created. The Add-on automates the reporting of incidents to ticket systems and reduces duplicated and redundant tickets.

The most significant feature of this integration is that the complete technical and business context is automatically attached to all incidents created from SAP. This reduces the time it takes for a business user to collect necessary information about SAP issues and brings immense value to your specialized support staff and helps them solve problems much faster. All this without having to go through the first support line (IT Service Desk). Tickets can be submitted from Fiori apps too and the product works with all available S/4HANA releases.

people with laptop discussing a new product

By implementing the ticketing system into the SAP platform, Celsa Group experienced several notable results and benefits.

Enhanced Efficiency: The automation capabilities of the STA ITSM connector eliminated manual data entry, reducing human errors, and freeing up valuable time for IT staff. Incident resolution times were reduced by 10 - 45% (Depending on load and holiday season) leading to improved productivity and faster response to end-user issues.

Cost Savings: By eliminating manual processes and improving efficiency, Celsa Group achieved cost savings related to ticket resolution costs. The reduction in the manual effort also allowed their IT employees to focus on higher-value tasks and strategic initiatives.

People analyze ROI calculations

“Based on the ROI calculations we have made, the savings we have reached in IT ServiceDesk thanks to automating the reporting of SAP incidents are € 47.000 per year, considering that the management of this type of ticket takes an average of 15 minutes. This is allowing to assimilate the growing demand for service without increasing resources and delegating higher value tasks to the operators.”

By partnering with Adsotech and implementing the STA ITSM connector, Celsa Group successfully transformed its ticket management processes. The seamless integration with SAP, automation capabilities, and improved efficiency resulted in tangible benefits such as enhanced productivity and significant cost savings. With the successful implementation at Celsa Group, Adsotech, and STA Consulting continue to demonstrate their expertise in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations.


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