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Leading global technology company migrating Service and Purchase Orders with help from Adsotech

The Adsotech Development team have started the year working closely with a leading global technology company to automate the migration of service and purchase orders from one company code to another with Precisely scripts.

This customer has been with Adsotech since 2011 and has been using our services and solutions in Finland, Norway and Sweden for various Master Data related tasks, such as Material Creation, so when the Core ERP team based in Norway had difficulty with migrating these tricky Service and Purchase Orders, Adsotech was asked to help.

Knowledge Transfer and Training

As with many similar projects to this, we believe that the business user should have the freedom to maintain and enhance these scripts and the ability to create new scripts when the need arises.

With that in mind, when developing Precisely scripts, our Development team often work as both Developer and Trainer at the same time, with the customer developing and gaining knowledge in coordination with the Adsotech team.

This of course, depends on the needs of the customer and the specific case. In the short term, it is quicker for our team to simply develop the script and hand over the knowledge at the end of the project, and that is sometimes the preferred method.

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