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The Pulse of Our Community: Key Takeaways from Our Summer Survey

Our Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted this summer has generated valuable insights, and we're excited to share them with you. This survey aimed to assess the satisfaction of customers with our services and technical support, and feedback has been instrumental in helping us enhance experience with Automate Studio (Winshuttle) and Automate Evolve products.

Diverse Perspectives from Around the World

Responses received from 12 different countries, showcasing our global reach. While most of our customers are in the Nordic countries, including Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, it's worth noting that we have a significant presence in other parts of the world as well, including Estonia, Latvia, UK, USA, Spain, Qatar, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Poland, India, China, Malaysia, and Brazil. This international presence highlights the trust our customers from different parts of the world have placed in us.

Map indicating our customers

General Satisfaction with Technical Support

Customer satisfaction with our technical support is at the core of our commitment. On average, users rated our support at an impressive, 4.6 out of 5, confirming our dedication to assisting in Automate Studio journey.

Insights on findings

Long-Term Commitment to Product

We also inquired about your experience with our product, and the results were illuminating. An overwhelming 89% of respondents have been using Automate Studio (Winshuttle) for more than two years, with 11% being dedicated users for one to two years. This indicates that the product continues to deliver value even many years after the initial investment.

Ease of Use and Product Functionality

Our continuous pursuit of product quality is evident in your responses regarding the ease of use and functionality of Automate Studio: 60% rated the ease of use as "very good", 20% rated it as "excellent", 20% found it "good".

In terms of functionality: 74% found it "very good", 11% rated it as "excellent", 11% found it "good". None of our users rated it as fair or poor. These ratings speak volumes about our dedication to providing a solution that simplifies and empowers customer automation needs.

results of survey showing percents of question about ease of use the product and functionality

Recommendation and Support

When it comes to suggesting our product to a friend or colleague, an impressive 90% of respondents expressed their willingness to do so. This strongly underscores the trust and satisfaction customers have in our offerings.

diagram showing rating of trainings in Percentage

Room for Improvement and the Adsotech Customer Success Program

Constructive feedback is invaluable. When asked how we could serve customers better, a common theme emerged – the desire for one-on-one query support and more direct communication. We understand the importance of this and are glad to highlight the Adsotech Customer Success Program. This initiative is designed to ensure our key customers get the most out of their Adsotech partnership. It aims to foster a deeper understanding of unique needs and challenges, enhancing the user’s experience with Automate Studio and Evolve products.

quotes what people say about our technical support

We initially shared this survey with our customers via email, and now, we want to highlight it to everyone. Your participation in our Customer Satisfaction Survey reaffirms our commitment to excellence in both solutions and customer support. Whether you're a current customer or a visitor exploring our offerings, we look forward to continuing this journey with you, striving to make Automate Studio an even more essential part of your success.

Thank you for choosing Adsotech!

About the Product: Automate Studio

Precisely Automate Studio is a solution that automates data collection, validation, and movement for use with SAP, saving significant time and money and increasing process efficiency.

Automate Studio enables business users to interact with SAP from familiar interfaces like Microsoft Excel or web-based forms. By automating business processes, Studio allows business users to become more efficient in SAP data management tasks, while improving SAP data integrity and accuracy. 

Key Benefits

  • Reduced manual data entry: Automate Studio helps automate data entry processes, reducing the need for manual input and the associated risk of errors, resulting in more accurate and efficient data handling.

  • Upload/download SAP data in record time: Automate Studio optimizes data transfer between SAP and other systems, significantly speeding up data uploads and downloads, and enhancing overall data processing efficiency.

  • Improved data quality: The solution ensures data accuracy and consistency by centralizing data management, making it easier to identify and correct errors or inconsistencies in SAP data, leading to better decision-making and reporting.

  • Minimized reliance on IT for Excel integration with SAP: Automate Studio empowers business users to integrate Excel with SAP without heavy IT involvement, streamlining data access and analysis for non-technical staff.

  • Get up and running with SAP - Excel integration faster: The solution accelerates the integration process between SAP and Excel, reducing implementation time and enabling organizations to leverage SAP data in Excel-based workflows more swiftly.


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