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ADSOTECH offers training for end-users and product experts. We provide classroom training on-site or at our ADSOTECH office, as well as online training via webinars. The online training webinars have been recorded and are available from download links below on this page.

The classroom training is extensive and hands-on. Training includes exercises with our in-house experts that will prepare you for any situation you might encounter when using our products.

Winshuttle provides via Youtube over 60 ‘How to’ orientated recorded webinars showing how certain tasks with Winshuttle products can be done. Click here to get to Winshuttle’s ‘How to’ – Youtube video playlist.

Winshuttle Training Courses


The following free of charge training webinars are available as video training courses that can be viewed at any point of time. Training material can be downloaded via the links below. Recorded versions of the training session recordings are split up into shorter versions based on topic.

 CONNECT Training

Winshuttle Composer Training

Composer Basic Training
Watch the Basic Training video here!

Studio Training

What’s new in STUDIO 11 and 12
Upgrading to STUDIO from Transaction 10
STUDIO Webinars
QUERY Training

Query  11 Developer Training PDF Winshuttle Query 11 Developer Training


Basic Query Training 11 Video

Additional Features in Query 11 Video





DIRECT Training

The training explains how to use BAPIs in Winshuttle scripts.


BAPI’s in Winshuttle Scripts

Classroom and Certification Training


Our 2-day Winshuttle TRANSACTION Classroom and Certification Trainings take place at our office in Espoo twice per year.

Our Classroom training is targeted at new users who want to learn basic and advanced features of the Winshuttle TRANSACTION product.

Our Certification is targeted at users who have previous experience in using the TRANSACTION product, and want to learn all the features of the product to be able to develop scripts for other users and to coach other users in using the TRANSACTION product.

Winshuttle Training for your team

Winshuttle Training for your team

Open the document here!

Winshuttle Basic TRANSACTION Developer Training

Winshuttle Basic TRANSACTION
Developer Training

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Winshuttle Advanced TRANSACTION Developer and Certification Training

Winshuttle Advanced TRANSACTION Developer and
Certification Training

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Self-study Knowledge Base

The online Winshuttle Knowledge Base contains training videos, step-by-step guides, FAQs and much more!

Visit knowledge base:


Winshuttle Knowledge Base

More info on Winshuttle

If you would like to read more about Winshuttle, their products, or if you would like to check out their Return on Investment calculator, please visit the links below.

The Improve FI Closing and SASA Nytt Bokföring are articles describing how to improve the FI Closing Process. The Winshuttle TV is a link to several YouTube videos about Winshuttle products.

Winshuttle’s website

Simplify SAP data collection, validation, and movement.

Winshuttle’s website

Winshuttle’s ROI Calculator

Estimate your potential Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI calculator 

Winshuttle TV
Lean Data Management is an approach to manage ERP data in your enterprise through the use of lean applications that streamline data collection, data validation and data movement. Utilizing existing investments, these lean applications are built iteratively in short cycle times by business or IT teams working in close collaboration with end-users.

Winshuttle TV


Studio 11 Preview
New Product Preview of Studio 11: See what we’ve been cooking up for Transaction, Query, and Direct (BAPI)

Studio 11 Preview





Product brochures

Winshuttle Resources

Our software lets organizations streamline their ERP operations without costly custom development and without compromising on security and control. Check out the resources below to see how Winshuttle can solve your data problems.


Improve FI Closing
3 Steps to improve the closing process…

Improve FI Closing